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Cat Friendly Practice


We Are Proud to be a Cat Friendly Practice!

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A Cat Friendly Practice creates a safe, low-stress atmosphere for feline patients, while providing the highest quality standard of care. Our veterinary team has advanced training to perform the veterinary care that cats specifically require with the special attention they need.

The Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) program, created by feline practitioners, enables our practice to integrate a feline perspective, in both the physical environment of the practice and the way in which medical care is delivered. It equips us with the tools, resources, and information to elevate the treatment, handling, and overall healthcare of cats. Many clients believe the common stereotype that cats often live to a ripe old age with minimal veterinary care, and more than 80% think that their cats are in excellent health and very self-sufficient. Taking advantage of feline-friendly opportunities to improve preventive care, client education, and early diagnosis of disease are ways to help clients ensure a longer, better quality of life for their cats.