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Other Services



If and when your pet’s care plan determines a need for a specialist we will recommend, arrange and work closely with the specialist to determine the best approach and follow-up necessary. Surgical and ultrasound specialists are available and procedures are performed at our hospital.

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Integrative Holistic Care

Herbs and Supplements

Used in conjunction with western medicine, complementary therapies treat a variety of medical and behavioral disorders and are especially useful for patients with underlying liver or kidney disease who cannot tolerate certain prescription drugs. Our focus is to correct any underlying imbalances with the goal of achieving an overall state of wellness.


Diet and Nutrition

Our hospital offers a full line of nutritional options and supplemental products for special medical needs and maintenance requirements during the life stages of your pet. Our doctors are here to advise you of appropriate choices for your pet’s individual nutritional needs. They can also make recommendations on how to pick a commercial diet in the confusing world of pet foods.


Behavior Counseling

We provide advice and counseling regarding problems such as separation anxiety issues, inappropriate urination problems, aggression, fear biting and excessive barking. Some of these problems can be medically related and we want to first rule-out any medical causes for these problems. We also work may recommend a veterinary behaviorist to asses your pet and its environment. There are many therapeutic supplements and medications that can be used with behavior modification for best results.



Our in-house laboratory is equipped with cutting edge blood analyzers. We are able to run routine and emergency tests, analyze lumps and bumps, evaluate pets for parasites and more. Antech and Idexx are our outside laboratories and they provide support for all diagnostic needs including pathology, cultures, and cytology. Specialist consultations are available and most lab results are available within 24 hours.

Ultrasounds are performed on-site and specialty ultrasound consultation is available daily.

Radiographs (x-rays) can be conveniently done in-house for all orthopedic, cardiac, cancer, dental and abdominal diagnostics